Christian Funding conference workshops page

Afternoon workshops

You will have a choice of the following fundraising workshops. These include a dedicated series of three consultative workshops on ‘Building a Generous Church’ designed for church representatives. The other workshops are intended primarily for representatives of Christian charities.

Session 1 - 2.10pm to 2.50pm

Building a generous church (session 1) – increasing regular giving
Jo Beacroft-Mitchell, Generous Giving and Stewardship Team Leader, Diocese of York, will explore how to achieve a step-change in regular giving by encouraging existing givers to give at sacrificial levels, securing an increased number of regular givers. We examine both how to preach generosity and structure an effective stewardship campaign.

Getting off the ground - fundraising strategies for new and growing charities
Carol Akiwumi, social entrepreneur, fundraising consultant and trainer will examine how to secure the funding to launch a new Christian charity or project successfully. She will examine how to ‘incubate’ a new charity, develop a strategy which funders will find convincing and secure the funding to make your vision a reality.

Developing an integrated fundraising campaign for charities
Redina Kolaneci, founder of the Christian Fundraising Consultancy, will explain how to integrate all your fundraising activities and other interactions with donors, so that they become increasingly loyal and committed and give at progressively higher levels. This session will focus on the essential process of research, strategy development and planning and be followed by an optional second session, at 3pm, on implementation.

Preparing a compelling case for support
Why should donors give to YOUR charity when there are so many other deserving Christian causes? David Saint, Chairman, Action Planning, will explain how to develop and communicate a robust ‘case for support’ which will and must be the cornerstone on which all fundraising activities are based. This will be a highly interactive workshop during which David will help you develop answers to the tough questions which donors ask about your project, and enthuse them to give more.

Digital success – how to raise more funds online
Kevin Bennett, Chief Operating Officer, established Premier as a leader in digital communications. He will explain how even small charities can stand out in an increasingly digital world and generate additional funding by developing interactive websites, optimising search engine visibility, using email effectively and building social media engagement and support.

Building a successful career in Christian fundraising
Zoe Bunter, independent fundraising advisor, speaking on behalf of Fundraisers in Christian Organisations will explore the challenges and opportunities presented by Christian fundraising as a ministry and career, how to develop your skills and how to keep up to date. Delegates will leave with a practical toolkit directing them to organisations, courses and websites that can help them develop their skills and career.

Session two: 3pm – 3.40pm

Building a generous church (session 2) – securing and managing legacies
Jo Beacroft-Mitchell, Generous Giving and Stewardship Team Leader, Diocese of York, and Colin Kemp of Colin Kemp Consulting will examine how to encourage your congregation to pledge unrestricted legacies, develop an agreed policy for using legacies and navigate the legal and pastoral challenges which can arise when things don’t go quite as planned.

Developing a successful fundraising strategy for a Christian charity
David Saint, Chairman of Action Planning will help you to develop the mix of fundraising activities which most effectively meets your short, medium and long term funding needs. The workshop will help you to evaluate the major sources of potential funding including trusts, individual supporters, major donors, legacies, partnerships with churches, online fundraising, events, direct mail, and, where relevant, statutory contracts and grants.

Implementing an integrated fundraising campaign
Redina Kolaneci, founder of the Christian Fundraising Consultancy and Joanne Balaam, Finance Director of Mercy Ships UK will work through the practicalities of implementing an integrated fundraising campaign within an established charity, drawing upon Mercy Ships’ success in deepening donor engagement and financial commitment.

Generating earned income for Christian charities
Stephanie Biden, Partner, Bates Wells Braithwaite will explore how an increasing number of charities are generating sustainable streams of earned income, for instance by selling products, delivering paid-for services or making use of their buildings and know-how. She will explain how to avoid the legal pitfalls and structure your income-earning business effectively.

Preparing successful applications to Christian grant-making trusts
Andy Heald, Director, Fundraising Services and Alison Glasspool, Trust Fundraising Consultant at Yeoman’s, will explain how to get your application noticed amongst the hundreds sent to the relatively small number of Christian grant-making trusts. They will examine trust research, tactics, effective writing techniques, how to highlight the opportunity or need you are addressing, evidence your credentials and build successful relationships with funders.

Engaging emails - how to write persuasive, targeted emails which build support and income
Ben Cohen, Wed Editor, Tearfund has been extremely effective in making mass emails personal, generating high open rates, engagement levels and giving. He will explain how to write email copy which engages Christians, compose email subject lines which maximise open rates, segment your databases mix information emails with those seeking funding and use emails to take your supporters on donor journeys.

Session three: 3.50pm – 4.30pm

Building a generous church (session 3) – raising large sums for restoration, refurbishment and new buildings
Capital appeals, often for large sums, present both challenges and opportunities for churches. David Saint, Chairman of Action Planning, will examine how to do a feasibility study prior to launch of your appeal, structure your appeal effectively, recruit lead donors following roll-out to and beyond your congregation and use the impetus generated by a capital appeal to achieve a step-change in regular giving.

Developing and implementing a major donor fundraising campaign
Would you like to recruit wealthy Christians as major donors to your cause? Redina Kolaneci founder of the Christian Fundraising Consultancy, and Louis Momoh, Development Director of The Nehemiah Trust, will examine the six stages of the major donor cultivation cycle, the resources and strategy needed to raise large gifts, how to 'make the ask' in one-to-one meetings and how to partner your major donors to reach other wealthy Christians who might support your cause.

Going beyond ‘Christian’ sources – how to access ‘secular’ trusts, companies, major donors and statutory funding
The pool of ‘Christian’ funding is finite and the needs are great. Lynda Wilson, Trust Fundraising Manager at Tearfund and John Appleton, Head of Corporate Philanthropy at the Salvation Army, will explore when and how Christian charities can access funding from non-Christian sources, for instance for community activities and other service delivery projects which are not primarily evangelistic in purpose.

Legacy fundraising for Christian charities
A steady flow of legacies can transform the prospects for your charity. Independent legacies expert, Colin Kemp, will explain how you can best encourage your supporters to pledge unrestricted legacies using a mix of targeted communications and one-to-one meetings, develop policies to protect regular giving when legacies are received and handle the practicalities and legalities associated with legacy fundraising.

Building a culture that values donors and increases retention
Charities which truly value their supporters increase donor loyalty, supporter retention rates, and income. Robin Peake, Senior Fundraising Executive at Home for Good, will explain how charities, big and small, can increase donor retention and give practical tips on how to build a culture that values supporters.